Lance Justin Torres.
From a time frame of Friday the 13th.
BSBAA undergrad at UP Diliman.

Let laws be disproved.

31st May 2012


I am now emerging from Tumblr hibernation.

4th December 2011

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wtf! i was expecting some scary shit haha

I started to bust up laughing! One of my favorite posts yet!

Forever reblog LOL

AHAHA WTF!?111?!! lol  i was thinking that something scary was going to pop out LOL!!!

i laughed pretty hard at this

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4th December 2011

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8th November 2011


10th October 2011

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Masaya ko sembreak na niya, pero sana may gagawin pa siya, para may maitulong pa ko sknya.

29th September 2011


Literally crying right now.

29th September 2011

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I promised you forever, didn’t I? Well I’m still keeping that promise and every single day is my proof. ;)

16th September 2011

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16th September 2011

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7th September 2011

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Nasira PC sa bahay, ako pa papagalitan niyo? Wala na nga ko sa bahay, ako pa sisisihin niyo.